The Journal of Islamic Governance

Journal of Islamic Governance

The Journal of Islamic Governance is an inter-disciplinary peer-reviewed publication encompassing all aspects of scholarly inquiry into the processes of governing from an Islamic perspective – whether such processes are undertaken by governments, corporations or other modes of human organisation.

The Journal is published online bi-annually by the Institute of Policy Studies Universiti Brunei Darussalam, and is intended to provide a robust intellectual arena that can contribute constructively to the betterment of human civilisation. All papers published by the Journal are open-access so as to encourage the free exchange of ideas, knowledge and experience among students, academics and professionals, and so broaden the disseminative reach and discussion of knowledge.

Paper Submission

The Journal of Islamic Governance

The Journal of Islamic Governance welcomes original articles between 4,500 to 5,000 words in length, excluding references, tables and figures. All papers seeking consideration for publication in The Journal should submit a preliminary abstract of around 1000 words, explaining the objectives, nature and approach of the study, no less than four (4) months before the next publication date. If the Board of Editors accepts the proposal, the author(s) will be invited to submit a full paper no less than two (2) months before the date of publication. An invitation from the Board of Editors to submit a final paper does not imply in any way an acceptance of the paper submitted or guarantees its publication in The Journal of Islamic Governance.

The editors will also consider any topic not listed below as long as the topic retains pertinence to the Islamic system of governance :


  • Al-Quran and Hadith pertaining to Governance
  • Islamic Theology in Governance
  • Islamic Ethics and Morals in Governance
  • Islamic Governance and Law
  • Islamic Governance and Art & Architecture
  • Islamic Governance and Identity
  • Islamic Governance and Economics
  • Islamic Governance and Politics
  • Islamic Governance and Public Policy & Management
  • Islamic Governance and International Relations
  • Islamic Governance and Future Generations
  • Islamic Governance and Gender
  • Islamic Governance and Psychology
  • Islamic Governance and Spirituality
  • Islamic Governance and Other Religions
  • Islamic Governance and Culture & Civilisation
  • Islamic Governance and Sociology
  • Islamic Governance and Environmental Issues
  • Islamic Governance and Education
  • Islam and Contemporary Issues

Publication Dates

  • First week of May
  • First week of November