Governance in a Contemporary Islamic Negara

Governance in a Contemporary Islamic Negara

Amin Abdul Aziz


The idea of utilising Islamic values and principles, as a system of governance has been the ambition of Muslim governments and administrations throughout Muslim history. Granted, attempts to realise the ideals of the epitomic Madīnian Polity had been pursued with varying levels of faithfulness, and hence of success, but the possibility of replicating the prophetic community in other socio-political settings remains an enduring aspiration. The Madīnian Polity is the epitome of Islamic Governance, underpinned by the universal principles of justice, equity, compassion and other qualities of high civilisation. The task of this paper is to articulate those Madīnian values by capturing the ideals, principles and vision of what an Islamic political community should espouse to possess, and how a cohesive theory of Islamic Governance can be applicable to all socio-political settings, past and present, including the Negara.

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